How to Disable Adblock

Option 1 - Disabling AdBlock or Adblock Plus in Internet browsers

Open the browser in which one of the programs is installed
Access the browser's “Extensions” (or “Add-ons”) page
  • Chrome: select the “⋮” icon, “More tools” and then “Extensions”
  • Firefox: choose “☰” and click on “Extensions”
  • Edge: find the “⋯” icon and select “Extensions”
  • Safari: click on “Safari”, click on “Preferences” and then on the “Extensions” tab
Find AdBlock or Adblock Plus in the list of add-ons
  • In Microsoft Edge, you will need to click on “AdBlock” or “Adblock Plus”
Disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus as follows
  • Chrome: uncheck "Enabled" to the right of AdBlock or Adblock Plus
  • Firefox: to the right of the extension, select “Disable”
  • Edge: click on the blue button on the ad blocker menu to disable it
  • Safari: uncheck the “AdBlock” or “Adblock Plus” option on the left side of the page
Close and reopen the browser to confirm the changes and apply them

The ad blocker will be disabled until you choose to activate it again.

Option 2 - Disabling AdBlock for only one site

Open the internet browser where Adblock should be disabled for a specific web page
Access the site

For example: if you want to disable AdBlock on Wikipedia, open the address ""

Open your browser's extension view

Most of them have a section where the icons of installed add-ons are displayed

  • Chrome: click on “⋮” in the upper right corner of the window so that a drop-down menu is displayed. The AdBlock icon is on top of it
  • Firefox: the AdBlock icon is in the upper right corner of the Firefox page
  • Edge: if AdBlock is not in the upper right corner of the page, click “⋯”, “Extensions”, “AdBlock” and choose “Show button next to the address bar” to let it appear in the menu
  • Safari: make sure the AdBlock icon is to the left of the address bar (top left corner of the Safari page)
Click on the "AdBlock" icon (a “Stop” sign with one hand)

A drop-down menu will appear.

Release the pages from the selected domain

Near the end of the drop-down menu, there is the option Do not run on pages in this domain. Another pop-up window will open.

Adjust which pages AdBlock should be disabled on

Click and drag the slider under "Site" to the right to increase the number of address variations that will be ignored. By moving the “Page” cursor to the right, AdBlock will ignore specific pages on the site (the level of specificity increases as the cursor is moved to the right) instead of all pages on the site.

Click Delete in the lower right corner of the window

The changes will be saved and AdBlock will be turned off for the defined website or pages.