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What is the meaning of the term Base64?

Base64 is a method for encoding data for transferring over the Internet (MIME encoding for transferring content). It is often used to transmit binary data by means of transmission that deal only with text, for example to send attached files by e-mail.

It consists of 64 characters ([A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], "/" and "+") that gave rise to its name. The character "=" is used as a special suffix and the original specification defined that the symbol "*" can be used to delimit data converted, but not encrypted, within a stream.

Base64 encoding is often used when there is a need to transfer and store binary data to a device designed to work with textual data. This encoding is widely used by applications in conjunction with the XML markup language, enabling the storage of binary data in text form.

Coding example:

  • Original text: Olá, mundo!
  • Text converted to Base64: T2zDoSwgbXVuZG8h

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